Sexual Health Education

"United in the fight against HIV/AIDs"

Puente has been collecting data in Constanza for the past several months to identify meaningful trends and inform future survey questions. Upon conducting said interviews, we found that there is a large percentage of people concerned with the growing rate of HIV/AIDs in Constanza.. Research conducted by the local hospital backed the residents’ concerns, showing that, annually, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in Constanza continues to increase well-above the national average.

In order to combat this troubling statistic, we presented local leaders with our findings and collaborated to find a sustainable solution. After having experienced past success working with the Ministry of Education to implement health education programing, we concluded that working with the local schools and their faculty was the best option in terms of sustainability and outreach. The ministry of education in Constanza and Puente decided to implement Deportes Para La Vida—an interactive sexual education course—in 13 of the local schools.

This January (2018), we successfully executed this three-day workshop, graduating 32 new promoters from 13 elementary schools in the municipal of Constanza. Certified trainers with Grassroots Soccer, came and taught a three-day workshop to one physical education teacher and one psychologist from each school. 

Currently, the teachers are working together to implement the STI/HIV prevention course in their respective schools. Additionally, many teachers are also working to implement this interactive sexual education program in their respective community.