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Mobile Data Collection



Data-Driven Development: The Best Way Forward

Puente believes in the power of data to fuel more efficient, impactful development worldwide. Our software gives partner organizations and local volunteers the ability to learn more about their communities and make better decisions on how to develop them.

To achieve the (United Nations’) 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we need more and better data. With accurate, representative, inclusive and disaggregated data, we can understand the challenges we face — and identify the most appropriate solutions for sustainable development

– Amina mohamed, united nations deputy secretary general

Our Solution

End-to-end data platform helping development leaders make the best decisions for their communities

Mobile Data Collection

Our mobile app is used by partner organizations and local volunteers to capture valuable community needs data in the field. Survey residents, track patients, map community assets, and more with the Puente Data Collection app (available in the App Store and Google Play)

Data Management and Analysis

Instantly access and analyze data collected using Puente's web-based data management and analysis software. Our dynamic maps and data visualizations help you generate insights automatically, and you can easily export to excel and other programs for custom analysis.

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Key Features

  • Geolocate mobile surveys automatically to enable dynamic data mapping
  • Capture photos to store within records and enrich data
  • Create Custom Surveys or choose from our catalog of pre-built forms, designed by experts and available off-the-shelf
  • Edit and Update Records directly in our mobile app
  • iOS, Android, and web availability so almost any device can be used for surveying
  • Access Data Instantly via our web software portal
  • Dynamic Data Maps show where needs are geographically concentrated
  • Analytics Dashboards with charts, metrics, and other visualizations that matter most to your organization
  • Export Data to Excel or other platforms for additional analysis
  • Form a True Partnership that goes beyond technology. As a fellow nonprofit, we think of your impact as our impact and we work creatively to meet the needs of your organization and community

Testimonials From Our Partners

“By providing us with the tools to visualize and use the data we collect, Puente’s technology will allow us to shape our intervention to more appropriately meet the population’s needs [...] We love the capabilities of your software and the user-friendliness of the dashboard"
Dr. Darren Eblovi
Medical Director, One World Surgery
“The greatest challenge in operating a Medical Mission is trying to determine where your efforts should be focused. Working with Puente allows us to make better, data-driven decisions”
Paul Vitello
Executive Director, Constanza Medical Missions
“Puente’s technology has allowed us to provide better care to our patients and make better decisions about the future of our organization”
Greg Rudolph
Mission Director, Health Outreach Foundation