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Mobile Data Collection



Data-driven development: the best way forward

In the development world, a lack of reliable health and socioeconomic data makes everything a bit tougher. It’s difficult to understand a community’s needs and problems from afar, and volunteers deployed on-site tend to stay for short time periods and turn-over quickly. At Puente, we believe that data can be fuel for the entire development ecosystem to operate more efficiently. That’s why we created our own mobile data collection tools specifically for the development world.

Puente’s mobile data collection app helps organizations operate more efficiently today and contribute to a system of record that can prove invaluable to the communities over time. We give partner organizations the tools they need to connect more seamlessly with communities before, between, and during physical visits, making every step of the development process easier. Contact us today to learn more about how data help your organization maximize its impact, both today and in the long run.

How It Works

Generating Actionable Insights for Community Development


Gather the most relevant, actionable information on community residents and visualize (on a real map!) where respondents live and what needs they have.


Surveys submitted on the Puente app are automatically mapped and cataloged in exportable databases. Let your data paint a visual picture of the community, or export it to Excel and create simple, shareable analyses.


Analyze your data to determine what community needs are addressable within timeline/budget constraints. Validate solutions with hard data and use our maps to identify existing assets that can be useful in execution.


Ensure your organization is constantly learning from past experiences by collecting real-time data that quantifies a project's impact in the months/years following. Generate real metrics to use in reporting, fundraising and promotion.

Designed for Development

Our application was built by seasoned development professionals who understand the unique challenges that come with working in rural, underserved communities. That’s why the app is designed to work in all conditions, including those with limited cell reception or WiFi access, just like a paper and pencil would. The standard version of our app is pre-loaded with survey modules that guide users to collect all the most critical information for development work, and we’ve built custom surveys for partner organizations with a specific focus area.

Real-Time Community Mapping

Surveys submitted in the Puente app are automatically anchored to the user’s location at time of submission, making it the perfect solution for communities without reliable street names and numbers. Users can take our app door-to-door for community canvassing while dropping pins to flag community assets such as health clinics, recreational spaces, water access points, and more. Once a community has been adequately surveyed, users can toggle through visualization filters to see where problems physically exist and what infrastructure may be lacking.

Example Use Cases

Our technology is built with flexibility to solve a wide variety of business challenges. Here are a few examples of how Puente’s volunteers and partner organizations are putting it to use.

  • Medical Missions identifying patients before a visit and monitoring critical patients after a visit
  • Research Organizations generating reliable data to inform and support their analyses
  • Development Networks building a system of record in focus communities to shorten the learning curve as volunteers rotate through locations
  • Volunteer Travel Groups planning a project before arrival and quantifying their ultimate impact
  • Sanitation Initiatives identifying which areas of the community are most in need of clean water, latrines, waste disposal services, etc.
  • Health Promoters finding a visual link between infrastructure challenges and medical problems in sections of a community