Desarrollo Internacional

Puente helps community leaders and outside organizations create sustainable, data-driven development solutions

We believe that effective collection and utilization of data will drive the entire development world forward. Our proprietary technology allows partner organizations to lead that movement.

We also believe that community development should be driven and sustained by those with the most at stake: residents. Our training program, designed and led by returned Peace Corps Volunteers, gives local leaders the tools and knowledge they need to become active forces for good in their home communities.

Mobile Data Collection

  • Modern surveying and data analytics tools built by development professionals, for development professionals
  • Geolocation features for real-time community mapping and data visualization
  • Analytics dashboards and spreadsheet exports enable simpler data sharing and analysis across your organization

Grassroots Development

  • We build local capacity to generate sustainable improvements to the socioeconomic and physical infrastructure in our communities
  • Projects are dictated by quantifiable community needs and backed by hard data
  • Local needs and motivations dictate the focus area — we’ve worked in health, sanitation, accessibility, education, and beyond

Our Story

Puente started with a group of returned Peace Corps volunteers who believed they could help foreign organizations and host-country residents collaborate more effectively to achieve better results. Today, we’re continuing to implement sustainable community development projects and partnering with other leading organizations to further the use of modern data analytics in the development world.

I’ve organized and taken part in medical missions all over the world for the last 30 years, and this is the first time things have really felt perfect. What you’re doing with data makes this sustainable -- you have to know the community’s needs to really help them"

– Dr. Rick Johnston, CEO @ USMd Health System